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Flies, Crickets and other Bugs. Yum???

The production of food can be very demanding and destructive to our environment. The land is deforested, significant amounts of fossil-fuel-based e...

Honoring a service dog

A sweet story about a service dog receiving award for animal bravery

Dogs not only melt your heart, they make it healthier too!

It's proven. Dogs are good for your heart health.

OH MY GOSH….is that a Pom-Panda or a Panda-Pom????

Open this only if you like ridiculously cute pups...

Toys and treats may seem just like plain fun, but supervision is important

Supervise your pup while they use their toys and chew on treats

Scary Toys!

Keep an eye out for toys that look fun but might be dangerous

What is rendering and why is it relevant to what I feed my dog?

Get the important details about rendering in dog food and what meal is

Treat Review: Antlers

They look tasty but may not be the best option for all dogs

Pet Fooled movie review!

Pet Fooled takes a look into the pet food industry and makes some disturbing claims. 

Puppy Pandemonium!

Here's some eye-candy to brighten your day

Cutest dachshund ever!

View this post to see one cute little sausage!

Our purpose

We provide a monthly bundle of healthy treats and toys for your pooch. This is how we got here.