Our purpose

Meat Mutt provides monthly subscriptions for healthy dog treats and toys. You can sign up for yourself or as a gift for a loved one here.

If you’ve read some of our past blog posts, you’ll probably get an idea as to why we created Meat Mutt. There are SOOOO many products, lots of confusing and unclear (and unhealthy) ingredients, deceptive marketing and a host of other misinformation that makes picking good products for you pup very difficult. One option is to make your own treats, but that can be a challenging, time consuming and potentially dangerous activity (if you don’t know what ingredients to use).

Because we were already doing this research and purchasing for our own pets, we thought that this would be a great opportunity to share the knowledge and convenience with others. Now you can get a monthly shipment of tasty and healthy treats (and a toy or two) for your dog. Our mission is to continue to find fun, exciting and healthy toys for our furry loved ones. It is of paramount importance that these are healthy and safe. Thanks in advance for being part of the community!