Scary Toys!

Not all Dog Toys are safe. Unfortunately, that’s the reality. I had what I thought was a great toy for my dog. It was a blue heavy ball that he loved to chew, chase and sleep with. It also had some filling that rolled inside the ball when it was thrown to make it fun to chase. Over time, and plenty of chewing, he started to break it apart. I wasn’t too concerned because I watched him spit out the pieces which I then cleaned up.

But then he really started to break it down. So, I thought okay time to take it away. Just as I was taking it away from him he was getting to that inside space where something was rolling around. Turns out that it was a large METAL BALL BEARING!!! Not good. If he had bitten down hard on that he could have easily broken a tooth. Or could have swallowed it. Not cool! Keep an eye on your pup’s toys and make sure you get safe ones for your furry loved ones.