Toys and treats may seem just like plain fun, but supervision is important

Your dog might be super smart. Probably is! Maybe they are able to open doors on their own to let themselves outside. Or, snatch a beef brisket off the counter while you aren’t looking. And even trick you into getting up from bed by pretending they need to be let out just so they can steal your pillow (been there many times)!

But when it comes to treats and toys, our pups can get so excited that they can do dangerous things. They could eat a treat to quickly and choke. Or they could chew something so aggressively that they hurt their teeth or jaw. Or, they could love their new stuff so much that they get in a tussle with their brothers and sisters! Most times the dog will free any lodged treats or chew more softly, but not always. For this reason, it’s important to know your pup and keep a close eye on them. This is also important when they get new treats and toys. It’s a great time to spend time with them while you observe how they adjust to the toy or treat. Once you feel comfortable you can just keep a checking in to make sure everything is okay.