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Meat Mutt provides two wonderful options available in a 1-month, 3-month or 12-month package:

Option #1 A terrific subscription of up to 5 treats, toys, and accessories sent to you monthly. This option renews automatically following your last shipment. You can cancel at any time to stop the renewal. Additional details below*

Option #2 A gift offering (for a friend, family, loved one or even yourself!) which has all the same treats and toys (as option #1) but does NOT renew automatically. You can select this option in the checkout. 

Here's an example of a typical monthly package from a prior month:

*1 oz dehydrated minnow snacks 
*8 oz chicken jerky 
*Stuffed chew toy
*2 USA produced pig ears
*1 extra special surprise


For each option, you identify the dog's size (small, medium or large by weight). The main difference is the size of treats and toys as well as quantity.....reason being that a small dog should eat less than a bigger dog. 

The contents change each month (because we keep finding new and exciting options) so we don't provide a list of every month's contents, but we are certain that you and your pup will love it!

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*Here's a little more information on the subscription (when NOT a gift)...let's say you choose the tasty 3-month option: 
  1. at order time you pay for three monthly boxes (discounted rate vs. the 1-month package)
  2. you get three wonderful packages (1 per month)
  3. the 3-month package renews for another 3-months after the final (3rd) shipped package  
If by some wacky chance you don't love it, you can cancel at any time. Learn more by clicking here.