What does Meat Mutt provide?
Meat Mutt provides a curated monthly shipment of healthy toys, treats, and accessories. We go to great lengths to do our best to ensure that treats are made from healthy ingredients and that toys and other accessories are safe for use. 

Can this be provided as a gift?
Absolutely! Gift giving is one of the main reasons we provide this service. When you check the "is this a gift" checkbox, you will be prompted for some additional information. Please input your email address, the recipient names and a message. 

What comes in a monthly box?
Good question! Each monthly box contains a combination up to 5 treats, toys and accessories. Each month is thoughtfully crafted to make sure it is fun, enjoyable and meets our quality standards. We put a great deal of thought, research, and time into creating each month's box from only choosing highest quality vendors using top ingredients in their treats, to observing our own pups put the toys to the test.  We're really proud of our boxes because we know every item is something we've seen pups not only enjoy, but will be good for them. Ultimately, we want to make people and pups happier by providing an awesome and surprising box of treats and accessories.

What is your quality assessment process?
We review scientific research and other publications to understand what is best for our furry loved ones. Then we review manufacturers to ensure that they are using those best practices in their production process. Unfortunately, there are a lot of contradictory health claims and deceptive marketing out there so we use a fact, common-sense and science-based approach to assess products. Hmm? What’s that mean in lay-pup terms? We look to keep it simple by ensuring simple and understandable ingredients are used. We source foods produced in the North America, South America and Europe. That means more meat and straightforward ingredients. Toys are sourced worldwide but all products are scrutinized. 

How do I join?
It’s as easy as getting your belly rubbed. Just click on the order link, select the size of your dog and then select which type of plan (frequency) you'd like. Once you fill in the billing information we ask for your shipping info and a bit of information about your dog. Then, you're ready to go!

PS: all subscriptions renew automatically unless you cancel. We just want to make sure you continue to get these great treats. And no worries, you can cancel at any time.

What are the sizes? Why are there differences?
We have packages for small (less than 20 lbs), medium (20-60 lbs) and large (>60 lbs). The main difference between these is the quantity treats and size of toys. Bigger dogs will eat more and benefit from larger toys.

Will you tell me what is coming in my box ahead of time? Can my dog choose?
Sorry, we don’t provide advanced notice on this. We love surprises and hope you do too! But we definitely want to know when your dog has ideas for future boxes! Please translate their requests and send us an email, and we'll look at including it in the future.

When will I be billed?
You will be billed immediately for the full amount (all months) when you place your order. This will automatically renew on the 1st business day of the month following the last delivery of your current plan.

Why was my subscription renewed?
Meat Mutt provides a subscription service that automatically renews every cycle. We want to make sure our dogs don't miss a single delivery as we know that they will love em! We try to make this apparent on the site when you order or log into your account, but sometimes it gets missed!

You can log into your account, then go to your subscriptions page and click to update or cancel the upcoming renewal of your subscription at any time. Please email wags@MeatMutt.com if you need help adjusting your subscription, we're always happy to help!

When do you ship out the boxes?
We ship the first box within 1 week of your order and subsequent boxes by mid-month. Note, if you order in the last 14 days of the month, we will not ship you another box right away as we don’t want to overload you and your pup….delay makes the heart grow fonder!

For example, say you order on September 20. We’ll ship your first box to you (or gift recipient) within a week. Recall that we send subsequent boxes mid-month. In this example, the second box will NOT be sent on October 15 but November 15 instead.

Do you ship to PO Box addresses?
No, sorry we don’t. We need an actual physical building or residence address.

Do you ship to international locations?
No, we don't right now. We currently only ship to the continental US. We hope to expand our coverage soon.