Team Meat Mutt


  ROARKCTOChief Tasting Officer. Since he was tiny, Roark has always been one picky pup. He only likes the best-tasting treats and is one heck of a toy destructionist (I mean specialist). So, we know that we are getting the best when he gives his paw of approval. And we all know that he is the real alpha dog!


  TUCKER. CSO. Chief Snuggling Officer.  From the streets of Oakland to the wild and wet Pacific Northwest, Tucker brings a host of great experiences to the team. She is one tough pooch who loves to burrow under the covers when no one is looking. No one can resist a good snuggle with this little tank! 


  SOPHIE. CWO. Chief Wiggling Officer. While she may be just a pint-sized pooch, this little one wiggles like no other. When she is not chasing squirrels and wiggling, she gives Tucker a run for her kibbles on the snuggling front! 


Jon Kleinman Attacked  

After working with great people and on exciting teams to protect people (security and fire protection) and advance alternative energy (solar energy), JON is pursuing his dream by creating Meat Mutt and providing healthy treats and toys for pups. He is looking forward to an exciting journey and is thankful for how much support we have already received. He also loves relaxing with his dog and wife when not finding the best for pups. While he thinks he is the Top Dog here, that’s just not the case….